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2007.04.03-Jill Cunniff's Carson Daly episode to air April 4, 2007 at 1:30am. Jill will be performing 2 songs.

2007.03.28-JILL CUNNIFF ON CARSON DALY!! THIS MONDAY - APRIL 2, 2007 WANT TO GO FOR FREE??? Jill will be playing 2-4 songs live in a mini-concert! Go to 1iota.com to sign up.

2007.03.28-Hot new contest, try your luck and ENTER NOW!!

2007.03.06-Jill Cunniff has a few tour dates on both coasts right around the corner!! March 7 at the Virgin Megastore, Union Square, New York, March 11 at the Mercury Lounge, New York and March 29 at The Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles. Additionally, recent news of Jill to play SXSW has proved false, it did not work into her schedule. Jill is also featured in the spring issue of zink magazine

2007.02.20-Jill Cunniff's "City Beach" and Luscious Jackson's "Greatest Hits" are both released today, go get them!!

2007.02.08-Jill Cunniff is on the preliminary line up for SXSW 2007!!

2007.01.14-Jill's debut solo album is now available for preorder from the militia group. Get the cd and a download of Two non-album tracks for only $7.50, or get a great deal with the cd, the download AND a t-shirt for only $18!

2007.01.05-Happy Birthday goes out to everyone's favorite drummer today, January 5th! Kate - We wish you all the best!!

2007.01.05-According to billboard the Greatest Hits album will be out 2.20.2007, the same day as Jill's solo album!! Track listing below. The record stores are going to love all of us. In addition I am hoping to have a contest to coincide with both releases if things work out.
"Naked Eye"
"Under Your Skin"
"Deep Shag"
"Let Yourself Get Down"
"Why Do I Lie?"
"Nervous Breakthrough"
"Strong Man"
"Love Is Here"
"69 Annee Erotique"
"Ladyfingers" (Kut Mastra Kurt remix)
"Naked Eye" (Tony Mangurian remix)
"Why Do I Lie?" (Pants On Fire remix)
"Nervous Breakdown" (Thievery Corporation remix)

2006.11.30-Luscious Jackson are due to release a greatest hits album on Capitol in February of 2007. More news as it comes. Additionally all 4 founding members of LJ are working on a childrens album. No label support or song titles yet.

2006.11.30-Jill's first solo album "City Beach" is due out 2.20.2007 on the Militia Group. Check out her myspace page for more info.

1999.06.10-there will be a live chat from amsterdam with the ladies on sunday at 2pm est, check the mainpage for more info. also there are listening parties popping out throughout the us and canada, check out grand royal for more info.

1999.06.05-lj will be on conan on the 25th of june, leno the 19th of july and will be appearing at the virgin megastore in union square on june 29th for the release of electric honey

1999.05.31-rumour is lj will appear on conan o'brien on june 25th, vcr alert!!

1999.04.09-according to allstar kate has recorded a song for the upcoming indigo girls album..."Also, during a recent pre-production session at drummer Jerry Marotta's home studio in Woodstock, N.Y. in late February, Luscious Jackson drummer Kate Schellenbach and ex-Breeder Josephine Wiggs contributed on drums and bass, respectively, on a track called "Compromise."

1999.03.29-if you haven't seen it yet the episode of SNL with LJ performing is airing this tuesday, thats tomorrow the 30th at 10pm on comedy central

1999.03.28-firstly the new album if you haven't already heard is entitled Electric Honey and last i heard it was due out June 8 and the first single is set to be Ladyfingers which includes vocals by Emmylou Harris. I got to hear the new album about a month ago at a listening party in NYC and its awesome, we are all in for a big treat when it comes out. Soon I will put up the track listing and a short review, probably in about a week so keep checking back! There is a contest running on the site to get you hyped up for the new album, enter now!! I've heard rumours of a concert in the NYC area in July, other than that I don't know anything about the tour dates. And finally congrats go out to our beloved Jill on her engagement to her longtime beau! Yay! We love you Jill! :)

1998.11.08-for the billionth time i died...check out the news that's been going around on the mailing list...you can read the archive at smoe. recently the ladies were caught checking out "Blues-rock songstress P.J. Harvey's show at the Wiltern Theatre in L.A. on Saturday brought out members of Hole and Luscious Jackson. "[The show] dared to be withdrawn and trance-like for so long. It gave me goose bumps," Hole bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur said afterward. "I loved it but I wanted to hear '50 Ft. Queenie.' " Also in attendance were Hole grunge-pop singer Courtney Love, guitarist Eric Erlandson, all members of the funk-pop band Luscious Jackson and actor/independent-filmmaker Vincent Gallo. " ---from sonicnet

1998.06.03-It is another vcr warning...this time a very special lilith fair type performance on letterman this friday the 5th! LJ are performing with the indigo girls, paula cole, rebekah, emmylou harris and NATALIE MERCHANT (the woman with the greatest voice and a heart of gold who i will forever be in debt to. ) um, LJ have a show in philadelphia on the 12th...check tour dates for more info. The ladies are still working hard in the studio, and the titles and descriptions of sounds of the tunes are sounding rather interesting.

1998.05.13-As most of you already know Vivian has left LJ to pursue other things, for more info check out AllStar Mag. The rumours have come through and LJ will do about a week's worth of Lilith dates in early August. Check the tour dates for more info. LJ will also do the tibetian freedom concert this year, they will perform on June 14 at RFK stadium in DC. Vivian will not be replaced, but for touring purposes at the moment LJ has picked up a keyboardist named Singh who is learning the tunes from Vivian herself. And finally this past week LJ went back into the studio to begin work on the follow up to their most successful album to date "Fever In Fever Out." I should have more frequent news as it happens.

1998.04.03-Rumours abound about LJ playing some Lilith Fair dates this summer, a very limited number as far as i know, but it looks good for those in the east. yay! Otherwise as far as I know they are just kinda playing it low key for the time being. Also for those that don't know, at the end of 97 ladies who lunch put out their 2nd 7", called "everybody's happy nowadays" which features said song, and an unreleased luscious jackson tune. Gabby and vivian make guest appearances on the 7". :)

1998.01.23-LJ have a previously unreleased tune Love That's Real Suite on the Half-Baked soundtrack which was released a week or so ago. The song has been performed live over the past year by LJ as a pure punk song, but those of you that hear this version will have a bit of a surprise. The video game "Enemy Zero" to which Jill lent her voice to the lead character was released about a month ago for the Sega Saturn I believe. The second GAP commercial featuring the ladies has begun to air (I've yet to see it) and it features some music you probably have not heard before. And if you missed it the first time, Sessions At West 54th featuring LJ will air on PBS again on May 23! Mark your calendars now!

1997.12.08- Firstly if you didn't already know, LJ are on the soundtrack to the Gus Van Sant film Good Will Hunting with a mix of Why Do I Lie! In stores now, check it out! And yes, new music from LJ will fill our ears come January 13, 1998 (or so I believe the release date to be) when "Love Thats Real" will finally be recorded and released for the Half Baked Soundtrack!! For those of you that have seen LJ within the past year know this catchy punk tune, if not you will hear it soon enough, although I think the recorded version has a disco vibe!?! hmmm..

1997.11.22-Tonight catch Luscious On Sessions...Tomorrow start looking for the commercials LJ taped for The Gap on November 1st...I believe the ones that are airing have a Christmas theme and feature the tune "Let it Snow" or one that features the music from "Easy" which I think was a piece Vivian wrote and choreographed and LJ played the music a few years ago. The spots will air in the U.S., England, Japan, France, Germany, and Canada...

1997.11.18-Sorry again that it's been a while, but I've been busy, firstly Luscious will be on Sessions at West 54th airing on your local PBS station this friday and or saturday night. On Friday the 14th they taped an episode of the great comedy central sketch comedy show, viva variety, the earliest airdate will be december 9th, but i'll keep ya posted with more info as I know it. I was luckily enough to be at that taping as well as their two recent new jersey shows so hopefully I will have a load of pictures within the next couple weeks. BE SURE TO CHECK TOUR DATES IF YOU LIVE IN THE WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA AREA OR PLAN TO BE THERE DECEMBER 16! Call your local radio station and request Why Do I Lie, soon I'll have a list of phone numbers for you all. Jill and Kate recently interviewed Ari Up for an upcoming issue of Nice Duds, so that should be rather cool. The Ladies Who Lunch 7" should be out next month, if all goes well.

1997.10.16-Luscious Jackson's "Naked Eye" has been nominated for Best Pop/Rock video in Billboards 19th Annual Music Video Awards being held Nov. 22 , 97. The award ceremony will be telecast on Billbord online via the internet. The nominees are: Fiona Apple; SLEEP TO DREAM, Luscious Jackson: NAKED EYE, No Doubt: DON'T SPEAK,The Cardigans: LOVEFOOL. Also that Viva Variety date previously mentioned may change, the taping of the show is November 11, 1997 in NYC!

1997.10.04-Some news and some corrections...oct 4th, vh-1, 11:30pm, will make appearance on "sex, lives and video clips: women on top"... oct 5th "why do i lie" is released on radio airplay, call yer stations and tell em to give it some play... nov 22 sessions at west 54th is on, pbs, 11pm (most areas)... nov 22 lj also appears on "viva variety" on comedy central. check times. oct 14th "clueless" episode airs...upn, 8pm... luscious did a Gap commercial and it should be out in late october... the song for the movie soundtrack to " a life less ordinary" is titled "love is here"... its new.

1997.09.27-Lots of news for you all...Firstly, LJ taped an appearance on Clueless the tv show in early September, no air date is set yet, although I've heard around mid October. In the episode LJ play at the House Of Blues in LA, are introduced by Anson Williams (Potsie from Happy Days), and the ladies play Naked Eye and Why Do I Lie and Under Your Skin plays under one of the scenes. Clueless airs Tuesday nights at 8pm on the UPN network. The LJ episode of Sessions at West 54th airs on November 11th on your local PBS station. I believe it airs at 11pm and the show is an hour, although half an hour of the LJ performance will air (a full hour was recorded) and the other half of th show will feature Fiona Apple (someone who Jill and Viv admire if you've caught the Mtv commercials with them). Which leads me to mention that for the past 3+ weeks Mtv has been airing these "Influences" commercials...one features Jill alone, others feature Jill and Viv among many other popular artists. And last but certainly not least, LJ have a new song appearing on the soundtrack to the film A Life Less Ordinary. I don't know the name of the tune, but I do know that Jill and Tony Mangurian worked on it during their break sometime late spring/early summer. the soundtrack is due out on October 24th.

1997.08.29-The next single as you all know is Why Do I Lie, it is due to be released late september at the moment in a cd5 format, and hopefully a video as well. Make sure you all push for radio and video air play and buy the single so that we insure another headlining tour by LJ, because if the single does not do very well, we won't be seeing LJ for a while

1997.08.19-Wow, has it been this long since I gave you all some news? I guess so...sorry for the delay but I have been busy lately. Well the interview went very well...I'm still working on transcribing it, i should start putting some of it up soon! So lets go with the news...I was incorrect in saying LJ were performing at the MTV VMA's this year, they sadly are not...too bad, I guess we all will have to watch the Spice Girls instead...:( But anyway, for those of you that have not seen the band recently, Jill now has completely soft blonde hair, it looks very nice. And while we are on the topic of Jill, the 17th was her birthday and she has recently gotten a new bass. In July the band recorded an episode of the excellent PBS show Sessions AT West 54th I do not know of an air date yet, but I'll let you know when I do. For those of you in the New York area, you may have also caught Luscious in an I Love New York commercial. And yes the mail list is up and running well now, join the fun in the fans only section. For those of you familiar with IRC a fellow Luscious fan, Oceanid started an LJ chat room, I'm not too familiar with IRC yet, but its on DALnet, the room is Luscious_Jackson...I stop in every once in a while too...and soon We'll set some times to get larger groups in there. Have fun everyone.

1997.08.03Firstly the Luscious mailing list has basically been down since I got it, a few of you have noticed, but by later this week it should be working...if its too much of a hassle for you to keep checking, justemail me a message saying you want to join the list and the preferred email you would like to use for it. And this I have known for a couple of weeks now, just kept forgetting to put it up, according to sega online Jill Cunniff, lead singer of Luscious Jackson has lent her voice to the sega saturn and pc game "Enemy Zero." The game is due out this fall and Jill's character is Laura Lewis, a survivor on a space craft who must find and kill the invisible deadly alien on board. As far as I know NO Luscious Jackson tunes are used in the video game/interactive movie. And lastly keep those interview questions coming, you only have 5 more days to get them in!

1997.07.20-I finally initiated a Luscious Jackson mailing list for us all to talk about LJ and keep each other up to date! Join Now!

1997.07.15-Here is something no one would have ever thought possible, until now; Luscious Jackson are going to appear on the MTV Video Music Awards, in New York City, September 4, according to Addicted To Noise!

1997.07.14-Luscious are on the Jenny McCarthy show on Mtv tonight, 9:30pm est, repeats will be on later, but why not catch it the first time around? sorry for the late notice but i just recently found out myself!

1997.05.25- Well you see I'm back...but that is not LJ news...LJ news is...June 6 they will be on The Rosie O'Donnel show, check local listings for times in your area. Under Your Skin will be the second single off FIFO and it will be released in early July, I think the video may already be getting air play on Mtv, but I am not in the US at the current time so I am unsure of this. The band has also released a new song on the Saint Soundtrack entitled "Roses Fade" lyrics are available in the lyrics section under various. This summer, come august, will see LJ on tour with the band *live* through early October I believe. For those of you that have seen them live in the past few months you will know Jill has written a new punk song called "A Love That's Real" (or at least that's what I call it)...there could be news on this soon as far as a release goes. I've also heard the Kostars have a lot of new material and may be seeing the inside of a studio soon. If anyone knows anything else drop me a line

1997.01.27-LJ will appear on Conan O'Brien this Wednesday night!

1997.01.07-LJ are currently in Europe on a 7 day tour, look for them in Japan in mid January, a west coast tour in February, back to Europe following that and then in March and April look for them in the midwest and east.

1997.01.05-Besides being Kate's Birthday, Two of the ladies, Gabby and Jill made an appearance on modern rock live...too bad no stations in my area carry the show any longer, i hope you all got to hear it!

1996.12.13-Luscious will be on 120 Minutes this Sunday, the 15th at 12 midnight on MTV.

1996.11.29-Tonight Luscious Jackson will be on Letterman, get your vcrs ready

1996.11.16-Tomorrow the Naked Eye video will premiere on mtv's 120 minutes. The show airs at 12am on sunday night...catch the fever!

1996.11.11-Congrats to the girls are in order! According to GAVIN Fever In Fever Out is number two on the college chart!

1996.11.09-LJ is on both the cover of CMJ New Music, December, and Smug which you can pick up for FREE at many music stores.

1996.10.12-The long awaited follow-up to Natural Ingredients is only 2 weeks away, its due out on October 29.