Alien Lover Lyrics

Alien Lover

Lightship lover
Interplanetary other
Sci fi brother
If you are somewhere above us
Airwave raver
Cybercrazed savior
Pest resistant, optimistic, send me a sign
I’m a low meg rapper
Fertile futuristic flapper
Regenerating cells and
Sending out spells

Hear me now
I’m an alien lover

I’m lovesick baby
For your saturnine behavior
Heard your flavor
Makes you come off even stranger
Hear my whisper
When I tell you I’m your sister
Fly me first class
Over to your pad

We’re all rockin’ it you should be rockin’ it
Bringin’ it on ’til the break of dawn
If you’re diggin’ it you should be singin’ it
Keep, keep on
So we’re bringin’ all the fine ladies
And we do like foolin’ around
So bring all your cats and your fanny packs
Get up, get up, get down

©1996-2013 The Luscious Jackson Source

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