AOL Chat

AOL Chat

August 1994

Mtvmail: Kate and Jill from Luscious Jackson will be here in a minute…

DavidO6444: (2) fla

Mtvmail: For those of you who don’t know…

DQUILLEN: (2) {S Wild Eep}yah hoo

Mtvmail: Luscious Jackson is a four woman band from NYC

Mi10518907: (2) What is this place all about?

GS516: (2) they’re going to answer questions. You can ask a question if you click on interact

DQUILLEN: (2) In a few min. Lus. Jackson will be here and we can interact w/ them.

Mi10518907: (2) Who is Lus Jackson

DavidO6444: (2) you kidding

DQUILLEN: (2) Look up^

Mtvmail: They are funk, soul, rock, and rap influenced

Mi10518907: (2) ok

Mtvmail: in a strong, female fashion!

DQUILLEN: (2) They kick ass!

Mtvmail: They combine samples and live instrumentation….

Mi10518907: (2) I just never heard of them before.

DQUILLEN: (2) You will~!

LuscKate: $Duh…

Mtvmail: DQUILLEN:

Question: Is Luscious Jackson coming on soon?

Mtvmail: Yes, Kate and Jill are IN THE HOUSE

LuscJill: YES we’re here.

LuscKate: Hello, all you in cyberspace.

Mtvmail: Johnnyroc: Question: you guys kick so much ass what other albums do you plan to bring out in the future you

Question: fucking rule

LuscJill: please ask us interesting questions you freaky people out there

LuscKate: What a mouth you have to you talk to your mother with that mouth?

LuscKate: $next

Mtvmail: Xethimus:

Question: Where are you?

LuscJill: our new album Natural Ingredients will be out on Aug, 23 this month!

Mtvmail: We are in Heaven with half of LusciousJackson listeningto Curtis MAyfield

LuscKate: We are in a high rise building in mid-town Manhatten.

LuscJill: we’re in the hippest spot in town dude

LuscKate: $next

Mtvmail: Rob Man 1:

Question: is thier any videos I may have seen?

LuscJill: yes, CitySong was on 120 minutes on Sunday. Call and smother them with requests pronto!

TIMBO67: Radiorock:

Question: what do you guys listen to in the tourbus?

LuscKate: I listen to the sound my knees make when I bend and staighten them

Mtvmail: Besides the wind….

LuscJill: we listened to Spearhead (Michael Franti’s new group, rad), Seal, Alex Young hip hop jazz

LuscJill: tapes, he’s our new DJ. I like MC Solaar and Ben Harper

LuscKate: I really do listen to the sound of the wind…

Mtvmail: Ride the wind Kate. Ride the Wind…

LuscKate: ride like the wind

Mtvmail: So… You guys have known each other for a long time, huh?

LuscKate: Jill and I have known each othe since we were little kids- we went the same pre-school

Mtvmail: What was performing at Lollapalooza like?

LuscJill: lots of porto potties and mud and sun and rock stars in silly clothes

TIMBO67: Blastmag:

Question: (To Jill and/or Kate) Which character is Reservoir Dogs do you identify with the most?

Comment: you guys kicked ass at lollapalooza

LuscKate: I enjoyed roller blading backstage while Clinton was on

Mtvmail: How much of “NYC” is in your Musik…. or vice versa?

LuscKate: We watched that movie in the tour bus but I fell asleep…

Comment: Honestly, you guys are the most chill girls around.

LuscKate: Start spreading the news…

LuscJill: All of it. The filth, the curry, the rollerblades.

TIMBO67: Radiorock:

Question: How did u get your name?

Comment: You are the coolest band ever.

LuscKate: Jill stole it from a basketball player

Question: Hey, did you guys find Manny yet? (from a daughter of the kaos)

Mtvmail: I’m sure he’s grateful…

Question: mtv should play lusc jackson every hour .

LuscKate: we are being called “chill” and “cool”, but are we “fat”?

LuscJill: no, thank god, because he might sue us for using his picture without permission.

Mtvmail: or are you PHRESH PHUNKY PHATT ‘N STUFF?

TIMBO67: JamminJon:

Question: What do you think of Howard Stern?

LuscKate: What do YOU think of him?

LuscJill: he’s a typical nasal new yorkah who blows his cigarette smoke in your face at restaurants.

TIMBO67: ReubenKin:

Question: Do you ever intend to eat live bats on stage like Ozzy did?

Mtvmail: The new album is called “Natural Ingredients”…..

LuscJill: I stopped eating bats in 1986.

LuscKate: I think I’ve gotton a bug fly in my mouth when we played Lolla…


Mtvmail: I guess that would include Monosodium Glutamate…

Question: i was wondering what your connection is with the beastie boys? what are they like? why

Question: didnt you tour with lollapalooza?

LuscKate: They are short and have grey hair


Question: Do you have boyfriends, if not I’ll get you my #?

Mtvmail: The BATS!

LuscKate: Wait a minute, Jill, didn’t we tour with Lolla.

LuscKate: Whats your sign

Mtvmail: Year Of TheMonkey baby… get with me.

LuscJill: We already answered that.

TIMBO67: Etnies2:

Question: Jill have you been in other bands?

LuscKate: My sign is DUH

LuscJill: Yes, I was in Anne B, Davis, Jaws, and Hippies with Guns.

TIMBO67: Irish Red:

Question: what kind of band are you?

Mtvmail: They are kicking off a tour onSept 15th… At the Trocadero….

Mtvmail: In Philly

Comment: Me thinks this is fun!

LuscJill: Duh.

LuscJill: Don’t take it personally, we’re really stupid.

TIMBO67: Qpc:

Question: hey you 2 energy donors. Here at my work (Wired mag) you have gotten us thru many a day.

Question: I know i personally was saved from tears oftentimes by the onslaught of one of your CDs. the

Question: new album is hot shit.

Mtvmail: Jill was a big clog dancer at Ukrainian Hall parties ….

LuscKate: Those are very kind words, thanks a billion

LuscJill: Thanks a lot. You’re who we’re writing for.

TIMBO67: Scabbies:

Question: Is it true luscKate gave up a lucrative photo research career to become a rocker

Mtvmail: Could it be…. the world waits with baited breath to find out…

LuscKate: Yes, why , were you one of my clients?

TIMBO67: SIpnSide:

Question: I heard that Luscious comes from a guy your mom knew named Lucifer and he was a

Question: Pimp-Daddy-Cool-Guy, Is this true

Mtvmail: The old record, “In Search Of Manny”, which is just as good as the new one at least…

Mtvmail: Is out August 23rd. We already have it but we won’t make you a copy….

LuscKate: Thats an even better answer, I think we will use that from now on.

Mtvmail: You’ll have to buy it and set your own beautiful mind free

LuscJill: Manny was Gabby’s mom’s boyfriend in 1971 and was way cool.

TIMBO67: JVL24601:

Question: When are you going to appear in Playboy?

LuscKate: Didn’t you get that issue?

LuscJill: We were in Hustler with g strings and Kate was in Juggs last July.


Question: how many Birthday parties did you girls have to play befor ya got noticed!!!!!………:-)

LuscKate: I’ve written many letters to Forum

Mtvmail: Kate, isn’t your code name actually Xaviera Hollander?

LuscKate: It’s Jill’s birthday today

LuscJill: We played the worst gig of our lives in Poughkeepsie for someone’s drunken frat party hell

LuscKate: I dont even know how to pronounce that

TIMBO67: Outkast11:

Question: what kind of criticism do u get 4 being a all girl group?

LuscKate: Are u Prince?

LuscJill: 4 yur info we are only applauded for our wrestling abilities

TIMBO67: Xethimus:

Question: How long has your band been around?

LuscJill: 3years and counting.

LuscKate: We are spreading like wildfire

TIMBO67: Jennifer67:

Question: tell me tell me who are the boys who make your hearts flutter?

LuscJill: Seal, Ben Harper, little Beck for Gab, Scott Gregoire my b.f.

TIMBO67: David0644:

Question: could i be your roadie?

LuscKate: Can you Dance?

LuscJill: can you do monitors too? we are in desperate need, so yes.

Mtvmail: You don’t want to know what they do to their roadies…

TIMBO67: Foxtrotte:

Question: Whichn band Lollapalooza do you enjoy the most

LuscKate: Do you enjoy giving long foot massages?

Mtvmail: with goat blood even…

LuscKate: I love the Breeders, Flaming Lips, L7, Beasties

LuscJill: i enjoyed Beasties, Clinton, L7, Breeders, Flaming lips.

TIMBO67: AlenaD:

Question: HI, what’s your favorite cereal? 🙂

Mtvmail: There’s a Citysong EP with 5 songs on it that’s totally sold out…

Mtvmail: So if you can find it….

LuscJill: crispy brown rice with cocoa soy milk from the health food store.

LuscKate: Sugar corn pops

TIMBO67: Scabbies:

Mtvmail: Or the 12″… the big big beautiful orange vinyl 12″…

Question: Is it true that Princess Stephanie of Monaco is an important influence to Kate

LuscKate: She once autographed my Yves Saint Laurent silk scarf

TIMBO67: Pharcyded

Question: Mc Solaar kicks ass!! Do you guys like any particular Jazzers?!?!

LuscKate: Dave Brubeck?

LuscJill: Donald Byrd, JOhn Coltrane, Miles, MIngus, Monk, all the graddaddies my dad loved

TIMBO67: Xethimus:

Question: Have you been in a cyberspace chat room like this before? What do you think of it?

LuscJill: It’s sweaty and addictive for me

Mtvmail: How do you guys feel sampling and instruments should work together?

LuscKate: I’m a virgin

Mtvmail: “Being typed for the very first time”

LuscKate: sampling is an instrument

Question: Is it true that you’re dating Sylvester Stallone’s little brother Squiggy?

LuscJill: We work it really hard

LuscKate: Like Lenny and Squiggy?

LuscJill: on Laverne and Shirley? are any of you from Milwaukee?

Mtvmail: I’ve heard he’s got a real muffin tuckus anyway.

Mtvmail: So….

Mtvmail: The new record….

Mtvmail: I’ve heard its….

Mtvmail: kind of….

TIMBO67: Christy13:

Question: Where does the line “only a roll will save my soul” come from?

LuscJill: We’re suddenly really into the midwest after Lollapolooza. You guys got spunk.

Mtvmail: good.

LuscJill: It’s about sex.


Question: are any of you hot sexy ladies single!!!!!??

LuscJill: we’re all frigid.

Mtvmail: What was it like being in the second wave of 80’s punk weirdness in New York?

TIMBO67: Blastmag:

Question: Do you consider yourself a RIOT GRRL group–what genre of music would you label

Question: yourselves–if any?? And puleeze–I’m tired of the “female vers. of B. Boyz”…..

LuscKate: Neither of us but the other two maybe

Comment: You are definitle fat.

Comment: PHAT

LuscJill: we’re on diets. and we’re not riots.

TIMBO67: Scott HOC:

Question: did you get to hang with the funk man at all?

Mtvmail: I really like the combination of so many different sounds you mesh together on the record.

LuscJill: I met the Clinton female bass player Starr and she was so cool and I felt close to P funk.

TIMBO67: K72ndSt:

Mtvmail: It hall comes out sounding Soooooo….. Melllooowwww

Question: What is your favorite subway line in NYC?

LuscKate: I chilled with the guy who wears the wedding dress in Clinton’s band

LuscKate: I like the number 6

Mtvmail: Soylent Green is made out of people! It’s made out of people!

LuscKate: To serve man is a cookbook!

LuscJill: I like the # 2 and 3 because it skips so many stops and goes so friggin fast and everyone

LuscJill: sleeps because they’re new york jaded people

TIMBO67: Xethimus:

LuscKate: I like wwhen we stop in the tunnel and the lights go out

Mtvmail: Which line was it that the cracksmokin conductor crashed last year?

Question: Do you feal that rap music causes kids to become violent?

LuscJill: is this a mom talking?

Comment: I dont live in NYC but i think it is a farce

LuscKate: That was the 6 I believe-at Union Sq.

Mtvmail: thanks…

LuscJill: do you live in Chicago, where my relatives live, who compete with NY?


Question: Do you grils miss the boredums?

LuscKate: Violence causes kids to become violent

Mtvmail: The Boredoms…. Japan’s latest “ROCK-DIPLOMATS” (tm.)

LuscJill: I love the Boredoms and they saved our ass when Kate got stuck in traffic on Lollapolooza.

LuscKate: The boredoms were wonderful, their drummer, Atari, rescued us when I got caught in traffic

Mtvmail: So, how do you guys find your samples?

LuscKate: We look under the carpet and behind the cushions

Mtvmail: Do you ever build songs around them, or do you include them in songs you’ve written?

LuscJill: we listen to records from Thrift stores and flea markets and pop’s collection.

LuscJill: we do both.

Mtvmail: Do you listen to Manny’s old records?

TIMBO67: MarkSWeis

Question: Do you consider yourselves hip-hop? Do you care about genre labels?

LuscKate: Gabby did, does

LuscJill: Genre labels are for the same people who believe that we’re all slackers.


Question: Are you Babes going on tour or what???

LuscKate: Sept 16 thru Oct 16 on the East coast, mid-west

Mtvmail: Starting sept 15th in Philly at the Trocadero…

LuscJill: we sure are, honey, all through the mid west and south and northeast in Sept and October.

LuscKate: West coast in Winter

TIMBO67: Scott HOC:

Question: who is manny and why are you searching for him?

Mtvmail: They already answered that!

LuscKate: We are no longer searching for manny

LuscJill: He was the coolest guy on the block in 71.

TIMBO67: Lauen508:

Question: Why did you decide to do this?

LuscKate: Jill and I are the only musicians in NY who can type

LuscJill: we hated all our other “careers” and Mike D. is so cute, we couldn’t refuse his sex offer

Mtvmail: Who writes the lyrics? And what level of importance do you guys think lyrics are in music?

TIMBO67: Bob 9s:

Question: hey LJ…….do either of you realize how hot you are??

Question: you mean PHAT??

Mtvmail: or PHARM PHRESH?

LuscJill: we’re on the Phunky Phat diet plan to gain weight in our asses only.

Mtvmail: So… who writes those lyrics?

LuscKate: I need a drink of water cause I’m feeling quite warm at the moment

LuscJill: Lyrics are really important to me cause I write them, and I love reading other lyrics.

Mtvmail: What are some of your favorite lyrics from your songs?

LuscKate: I cant understand English so most lyrics confuse me

Mtvmail: S O C, Que Es?

Mtvmail: socks

LuscKate: La la la la la ooooo oooooo

LuscJill: Energy Sucker I’m a goddess not your mother

Mtvmail: What purpose do men serve?

LuscJill: Kate forgot how to read and speak since High School

LuscKate: To lift heavy things I think mainly

LuscJill: and manly

Mtvmail: Ahhh yes… the lifting game… let me help you with that honey, it looks heavy…

LuscKate: so I can see your butt crack

Mtvmail: So what are your politics? Do they show up in your music?

LuscJill: and to give us some intellectual breathing room. girls are way too smart.

Mtvmail: sooo….

Mtvmail: sew…

Mtvmail: politcs…

LuscJill: I’m politically bereft.

Mtvmail: The politics of DANCING? the politics of OOOOH, FEELING GOOD?

LuscKate: We are individually political and dont hit people over the head with it

LuscJill: Politics are in everything from buying coffee to bike riding in aggressive traffic.

LuscKate: Live and let live…

Mtvmail: Blade on siter…

Mtvmail: sister….

LuscKate: what ever floats your boat…

TIMBO67: $I’m back

Mtvmail: How does your music differ from other contemporary FE-BANDS?

LuscKate: She Ra, Princess of Power!!!

TIMBO67: Aaron A S:

Question: Do you gals wanna be big MTV superstars like Nirvana, Guns N ‘ Roses, etc.?

LuscJill: we want to reach nirvana in this lifetime.

LuscKate: Like the dolphin in the G&R video…

Mtvmail: Without you they’re nothing, darling…

TIMBO67: KnghtStru:


LuscKate: I have her work out tape and it made my legs sore

LuscJill: She’s no Patti Hansen.

TIMBO67: Scabbies:

Mtvmail: She invented the fax machine right?

Question: How is your band simular to the band in Russ Meyer’s “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls”


LuscKate: Z man is awesome!

LuscJill: We’re way foxier.

TIMBO67: Blastmag:

Question: So which one of you was the receptionist @ Thrasher?

LuscJill: I was.

LuscKate: “It’s my happening at it freaks me out!

TIMBO67: Christy13:

Question: Kate, let’s here about the early days playing w/ the Beastie Boys!

Question: you girls are so 70’s.

LuscKate: I was a young impressionable girl, they made me laugh

TIMBO67: HammerX:

Question: where are you guys from

LuscKate: We are in our 70’s

Mtvmail: If you want to know more about the rave sensation, the raw Luscious sound that’s sweeping

Mtvmail: the nation…

LuscKate: New York New York

Mtvmail: check out the latest issues of Spin,

Mtvmail: Sassy,

Mtvmail: Vibe,

TIMBO67: SLpnSlide:

Question: Do you guys have Phat cars with BOOMIN’ systems?

Mtvmail: Rolling Stone,

LuscKate: Jill and I read New Yorker

Mtvmail: Elle,

Mtvmail: You can collect all the photos and cherish them…

LuscJill: I can’t drive never have driven except once in a parking lot.

LuscKate: I’m trying to get a drivers license


Question: do ya think all women bands get the credit they deserve??

LuscKate: We are on the cover of yesterdays science of the times (ny times)

Mtvmail: They’re playing at Luna Park on the 25th of Aug in LA… on the 26th, instore performance

Mtvmail: at the Tower Lab at 5:00pm…

TIMBO67: Aaron A S:

LuscJill: no because people think they’re incompetent from the get go so youve got to prove it alway

Question: Do you have a fan club?

LuscKate: Plug plug plug away

LuscKate: no would you like to run ours?

TIMBO67: Scott HOC:

Comment: I think jill should change her name to janet, then you could be kate jackson and janet

Comment: jackson

Mtvmail: You can go do “data entry” with the closest Luscious circles…

Mtvmail: They are in search of an INTERN…

LuscKate: I heart Kate Jackson

Mtvmail: So if you are named Manny it will help…

LuscJill: Yes write to Cozy Shack, 35 Bedford St. #32 NY NY 10014 for fan club info. We need an …

LuscJill: intern to do data entry. It’s fun.

TIMBO67: Chronic94:

Question: Is Gabby Glaser related to Alexis?

Mtvmail: A Lexus?

LuscKate: janet should change her name to Luscious

LuscJill: Gabby has so few relatives it would make you weep

TIMBO67: David0644:

Question: you ever inhale?

LuscKate: only noxious fumes

LuscJill: Some do some don’t

Mtvmail: Sometimes they exhale….

TIMBO67: Dj 15Min:

Question: When you come thru D.C. will you play at my club or am I being too rediculious?

LuscJill: HOw big are you?

LuscKate: how big is your sandbox?

TIMBO67: JoePug:

Question: Do you resent being tagged as the “Beastie Boys” discovery, or are you comfortable with

Question: the association?

LuscJill: How much water can you hold?

LuscKate: It takes a strong man

LuscJill: How much cherry soda can you inhale?

TIMBO67: David0644:

Question: what groups suck in you opinion,and do you watch tv nation,whats your favorite film or tv

Question: shows?

Question: I like you crazy girls…you got spunk

LuscKate: taste is in the ear of the beholder

LuscKate: oompa pa

LuscJill: I like Public Access in NY, Bob Ross’s painting show is soo soothing.

LuscKate: I like the simpsons, seinfeld, charlies angels, absolutly fabulous

LuscKate: i like the alaska show too…

LuscJill: the transvestite cooking show, Beyond Vaudeville with their cooky guests. Coca Crystal.

TIMBO67: SgntSausg:

Question: What do you do in your free time ?

LuscKate: mary tyler moore,bob newhart

Question: Happy B-day!

LuscJill: I do loads of yoga.

LuscKate: i clean

Question: happy birthday jill kis kis

LuscJill: Thanks you guys and gals.


Question: do you guys like guys or girls?

LuscKate: in what manner do you mean?

LuscJill: we swing all ways in this band

LuscJill: we love Plato’s retreat, the swinger’s paradise

LuscKate: we love all groove mongers, male or female

Mtvmail: So we’re about to wind it up here….

LuscKate: our car is waiting to sweep us downtown

Mtvmail: The Luscious Ones have to go soon…..

LuscJill: thanks folks, we’re leaving now, come see us play and have a great time always.

Mtvmail: So we’ll take the last few questions….

Mtvmail: Or maybe not!

LuscKate: im hungry and thirsty

LuscKate: hey to Chicken and Mo who might be reading this

TIMBO67: Scabbies:

Question: TO Kate: To answer your question, I used to work with you. I really must return your

Question: Princess Stephanie Record. I feel horibly guilty

Mtvmail: So, thanks for showing up everybody! Stay tuned for more events in the very near future…

Mtvmail: We’re rescheduling…..

LuscKate: You still work there? OY VEY

LuscJill: Bye bye you lovers!

Reprinted without permission, if you want something taken down, just ask and i’ll oblige

©1996-2007 The Luscious Jackson Source

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