Excerpts from the Breeders Digest #1

Excerpts From The Breeders Digest #1

by Josephine Wiggs
(The Breeders, Ladies Who Lunch and The Josephine Wiggs Experience)
January 1995

Chicago, 2nd day [July 16, 1994]

Gabby Glaser from Luscious Jackson stays with us in our hotel, and I notice that her watch is set fast. She tells me that when she was in school she always set her clock 1hour 22 minutes fast so that whn the alarm went off at 10:00, by the time she’d finished calculating what time it really was, (one hour back – that makes it 9… and 22 minutes… that’s 8:38), she would be awake.

Sunday 17th, St. Louis

We arrive early in the morning, overnight from Chicago. We have day rooms at the St. Louis Hilton, where we notice that they have a Dress Code for the lobby: no cut-off shorts or shirts. I am in fact my pajamas, and we learn later from Carrie Bradley that Kelvis [Kelley Deal] entered the lobby wrapped in a comforter, with only her underwear on underneath.
At the gig, making my way from the Main Stage to the 2nd stage I am told off by the police for walking on the grass. I notice that alongside the usual ‘Rock For Choice’ and ‘Legalize Marijuana’ stands there is a ‘Pro-Life’ booth. Backstage I witness the Flaming Lips bass player being instructed by local security to “put his beer into a cup”. Later, Jill of Luscious Jackson asks the crowd, “So, what’s it like living in St. Louis?!”, and the crowd yells back as one voice: “It sucks!!”

Saturday 30, Pittsburg

There is no ice at the 2nd stage “dressing room”, and Gabby (from Luscious Jackson) is complaining that the beer is warm. I tell her that probably all the ice on the site has been requisitioned for the Breeders dressing room: we have ice on our rider. As I walk to the main stage I see Kelvis who says, “Kim is bummed: there’s no cold beer.”

Wednesday 3 August, Providence, R.I.

The only road to the Lollapalooza has been closed due to an eight- car pile-up. Consequently, instead of taking us 1/2 hour to get from the hotel to the gig, we are stuck in traffic on the I-95 for four hours. Fortunately, we have set out 2 hours early in order to deliver Kate Schellenbach of Luscious Jackson (who is traveling with us) in time for their 2 o’clock show. Unfortunately, we don’t arrive until 4 pm (just in time for our own show), where upon we learn that The Boredoms drummer had stepped in so that Luscious could play their show, a double whammy indeed since not only didn’t he know the songs, but he didn’t know much English either, so it was quite a task trying to give him instructions. When we asked how the set had gone Vivian (L.J.’s keyboardist) replied “Well, you know what it sounds like when you put a 33rpm record at 78…?” L7 miss playing their set altogether when Jennifer is similarly delayed, and their offer to go on as a 3-piece is rejected.


This week: I asked the drummers on Lollapalooza,
[A] What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? and,
[B] What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever given?

Kate Schellenbach – Luscious Jackson
[A] “My father told me when I was about 12, ‘don’t buy drugs in the
[B] “Don’t take it personally.”

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