Luscious Jackson Yahoo/Sonicnet Tibet Chat

Yahoo/Sonicnet Tibet Chat With Jill

transcribed by Sara Schneider
June 13, 1999

J: Garbage are on stage now.
soopastar11: hi jill, how was show?
J: The show has many wonderful artists, and it’s a beautiful day.
J: As usual, the backstage vibe is really good.
J: The crowd was a bit stoned, as to be expected.
tibet_m: How involved are you in the tibetan cause? Are you all personally invovled in this movement or are you just taking part because you are in the beastie boys label?
J: We support the cause, especially the non-violent aspct.
J: Although this is not our main cause, we are happy to do what we can.
J: We are presently working on a music and songwriting workshop for teenagers.
J: Which is part of a youth non-violence program.
subatomic_partygirl: I work in a cd store in south africa, and when Natural Ingredients came out I had the tough job of catagorising it for shelving. Made me wonder how you think of yourselves in terms of category, if at all?
J: We are generally in the alternative or pop section, although I’ve heard we have found ourselves…
J: …under heavy metal and other strange categories.
J: We are happy calling ourselves pop music.
newyork109: did you feel like you were “selling out” whe you made the gap commercial?
J: Evidently not.
J: Or we would not have done it.
Suspiria3_16: Howdy LJ! Just wondering if you have any plans to tour Australia agian, like next years Big Day out? (sad puppy dog face)
J: Yes, we do.
J: Perhaps Bid Day Out.
J: It’s definitely on the agenda for January/February of 2000.
ThurstonSY: what is going to happen with playing the old record and the keyboard are you gonna get another keyboard player to play the old songs, or not play them at all??
J: We have a keyboard named Singh Birdsong.
J: He is playing the old parts.
J: We are also joined onstage by Alex Young, our DJ.
J: Also Tia Sprocket who plays bass and percussion.
J: These three are collectively known as Tangh.
MamaKostars: what records have you been listening to lately?
J: Les Nubiennes, Beth Orton, Blur…
J: Also Cibo Mato.
soopastar11: the video for ladyfingers…filmed where?
J: It was filmed in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.
J: As well as on a New York City bus.
swami_benson: Luscious Jackson…what was it like touring with Live on their Secret Samadhi tour?
J: Loads of fun! (laughing)
J: Loads o’fun!
andrewteri: Have you ever been to tibet?
J: No.
PunkyRuby_is_not_that_punky: Did you have a fun time when the band appeared on the show “The Adventures of Pete & Pete”?
J: we loved Pete and Pete, and we now have more fans under the age of 15 than we ever thought possible!
tibet_m: i think that your involvment in the tibetan cause is great, and you are exposing people to new horizons by being invovled in many new things. Do you sometimes feel that you have some extra weight to carry, by being perceived as role-models?
J: We prefer not to be icons in the media, and would rather be role models in real life.
J: for example, we did the theme for the girl scouts, and we will be featured in the girl scouts PSA.
Provvide75: when is luscious jackson new lp coming out?
J: In America, June 29th and most of the world, somewhere around there.
MamaKostars: what inspired the lyrics to Devotion?
J: I got married this year, it’s a love song.
mahem_jai: Are there any new sounds you’re trying on the new album that we haven’t heard on the last?
J: Hopefully (laughs).
J: Hopefully, there will be all kinds of fun, new and exciting sounds for y’all to heaer.
lunchxlady: you’ve been appearing on other artists albums such as love and rockets and jon spencer blues explosion, are there any more guest apperances for the near future?
J: I wrote a song with Bijou Phillips called “Mermaid and the Earthman.”
J: And I co-wrote a song with Emmylou Harris “Sweet Spot.”
J: And that will be on the Emmylou Harris/Linda ronstandt record, coming out in July.
MamaKostars: any other Kostars recordings in store, or is this completely out of the question?
J: It’s not completely out of the question, but it’s ont he back burner at the moment.
LuvSandman17: Jill, is everything how you thought it would be, or is there anything that surprised you, like the crowd and whatnot?
J: Everything’s hunky-dory over here!
J: I’m not surprised by anything anymore, I have no expectations.
AeroGyrl1: Did you guys Enjoy being on Clueless??
J: Yes, we are all Valley Girls at heart!
J: Bye for now, I have to catch the end of the Garbage concert, and have some more french fries.

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