Electric Honey Review

Electric Honey Review

by Chuck Carlino
June 21, 1999

One of the biggest tests an album must pass in order for me to consider it great is the memorability test. If my old fart brain can actually remember the words and melodies after a few listens, the album earns a passing grade. If I can’t get the tunes out of my gourd and want to tell everyone I know about them, the album not only passes… it makes the honor roll. Such is the case with “Electric Honey,” the latest platter from Luscious Jackson ‘ in stores on Tuesday, June 29th.

What is it exactly about “Electric Honey” that makes it so wonderful? Well, first, the songwriting is simply top-notch. LJ can put more hooks into a 3-minute song than pushpins on my beige cubicle wall. Next, the album takes every style LJ has perfected since its freshman EP, “In Search of Manny,” and puts them all in one place. There’s the dance ’til you drop rhythm (“Nervous Breakthrough” and “Ladyfingers”), the laid-back hangin’ on the summer stoop vibe (“Friends,” “Beloved” and “Summer Daze”), the full-throttle rock attack (“Alien Lover,” “Devotion” and “Fantastic Fabulous,” featuring the fantastic fabulous Debbie Harry), and even some electronica thrown into the mix (“Christine” and “Gypsy”). We also get a couple of tracks which would have fit nicely on “Manny” (“Sexy Hypnotist” and “Country’s A Callin'”), which should make old-time LJ fans smile.

Of course, this is just my long-winded way of saying that “Electric Honey” is Luscious Jackson’s best record yet. Buy it! (A+)

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