A Little Bit Of Luscious

A Little Bit Of Luscious

Film Threat
April 1995

Although a slew of writers have been calling Luscious Jackson “the female Beastie Boys”, this group of groovy women definitely have their own style. “We love the Beastie Boys — we think they’re great musicians, great songwriters, great people — but it *is* annoying that we always have to justify ourselves,” the girls told us. So in an attempt to expose a little more than just their musical ability, we give to you the Luscious Jackson movie profile.

Favorite bad movie? Vivian: I worked on this really bad movie called “Street Trash” in Brooklyn where these bums melt things with this alcohol. Gabby: “Mahogany” or those really cheezy, teenage, company-made movies.

Favorite John Hughes movie? Vivian: “Some kind of wonderful”. I liked the girl drummer who wore the black gloves with the fingers cut off.

Favorite recent movie? Gabby & Jill: “Hoop Dreams” [The girls from Luscious attempt to be socially conscious with their entertainment choices. Yeah, right!] Vivian: “The Last Seduction”. [The band identifies with angry chicks.]

Favorite movie to watch stoned? Vivian: Ehh. Ehhh. Mmmmmm. I, ahem, remember seeing, ehh, “Tron” many years ago and thinking it was like pretty cool, so like I must have been, ahh, stoned or something since I enjoyed it so much or something like that. Gabby: One of those bad movies like “Death Race 2000”.

Favorite directors? Gabby: I thought that John Schlesinger was the cat’s meow after seeing “Midnight Cowboy”. [What’s a cat’s meow? –Ed.]

Other favorites? Gabby: I worked with Tamara Davis on a couple of videos, and she directed “Gun Crazy”, which is a really good movie. [More chicks with guns]

Grossest movie? Gabby: “Salad” is one of the sickest movies ever made. You shouldn’t see it unless you are a really sick person.

Potential name for a Luscious Jackson porno flick? Jill: “Luscious Lesbos”.

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