Those Luscious Jackson funk-grunge babes talk psychobabble and pornography

Those Luscious Jackson funk-grunge babes talk psychobabble and pornography

by Tania Branigan
Melody Maker
March 15, 1997

Jill Cunniff:
“‘Fever In, Fever Out’ is kind of a psychological album-about ‘the quest for self-knowledge’. It reflects the way I’ve developed as a person. There’s a lot about honesty on it, like ‘Why Do I Lie?’ I lie to make other people comfortable, or to cover myself, or to please people, or I say what I think they want to hear.”

“I saw a therapist for two years, and then we fell out and I realised our relationship was very sick-she was controlling me. You have to be careful with therapists: sometimes they just reflect your relationships with everyone else.” Vivian Trimble: “Everyone in New York is in therapy, cos life there is so abnormal, so claustrophobic. They need it.” Kate Schellenbach: “Yeah, they desperately need someone to listen to them talk about themselves! So many people close to me have been to therapy that I almost fell like I’ve been myself. You can do computer therapy now: you type in answers and it responds with generic therapy questions like, ‘How did that make you feel?’, or ‘You seem very hostile.'”

“Porn is always just women with big tits and incredibly unattractive men with pot bellies.” Jill: “It’s shot on video now, not film, and all the values have gone. There are no scenarios left like there were in the Seventies. They were the best.”

Gabby Glaser:
“I go for a sense of humour-which is everyone’s favorite thing. Except for Jill, she goes for nice shoes. One time I was talking to this guy and Jill was screaming, ‘Gabby! No! He’s wearing white jazz shoes!'” Vivian: “I think men and women are more together at different times-and those times don’t coincide…but I do feel really bad for men, cos they have to ask women out. Although I did phone a guy before we left the States, as an experiment. The thing is, the people you are really attracted to just make you paralysed and stuttering.” Jill: “I’ve never asked a guy out, but I weasel my way into their lives. I don’t even know how I do it, it’s just like I’m desperate and maniacal enough.”

“Do you ever dream your teeth are crumbling in your mouth?” Kate: “Yeah, and I have dreams about playing drums, and all I have are chopsticks or pencils. And I dream that there are people in my room. One time I saw a ghost-or thought I did. It was a flying midget in a top hat, in my loft bed.”

“I was on holiday when I was four and I went to the toilet without locking the door. This woman came in, didn’t see me, and started sitting down. I thought I was gonna get squashed down the drain. At the last moment, I reached out and pinched her on the ass. She was totally freaked out!” Jill: “This kid in our building was really troubled-his dad used to beat him up. He’d steal my money, and then buy my brother and me toys. One day, he said I had a crush on him, and if I told my parents what he’d said, he’d tell another kid in the building I liked him. It seemed like torture. Looking back, I was probably on the verge of being sexually abused-he was psychologically trapping me into secrecy. Then my Dad told him to stay away.” Gabby: “I saw a lot of violence. This guy who owned a ceramics store on the block beat this homeless dude to a pulp. My mom was so mad she bought a chicken’s foot from the butcher, painted it black, and put it into one of his pots to scare him or something-I was all creeped out.” Kate: “That might be more traumatic than seeing the beating…I saw a building blow up when I was three-it was bombed. I was traumatised by fire after that, even candles.”

“Our generation has had to deal with death more than any other-except maybe the war generation-because of AIDS. I’ve had friends who’ve died or killed themselves because of it, and when you know your friends are gonna die before they’re 40…it’s heartbreaking.”

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