Media Info: In Search Of Manny

Media Info: In Search of Manny October 1993

Welcome to the World of LUSCIOUS JACKSON

Are you”in search of” some fresh sounds to give your stereo an invigorating spin? Then look no further than Luscious Jackson’s In Search of Manny EP, a cool slice of 90’s grooves from the New York based female quartet.

The first signing to the Beastie Boys’ Grand Royal label, the girls take some cues from their male counterparts’ adventurous musical explorations. The EP’s seven tunes range from the hip urban vibe of “Let Yourself Get Down” to the country-punk inspired rave up of “Satellite”. First single, “Daughter’s of the KAOS” (video directed by Tamra Davis) is a rockin’ self-portrait of these street-smart players, whose music chops are undeniable. Drummer Kate Schellenbach is the original drummer for the Beastie’s and bassist Jill Cunniff and guitarist Gabby Glaser have been writing together since their early teens. The longtime collaborators also produced the EP.

In Search of Manny was initially released independently by Grand Royal in the spring of 1993 and distributed by Caroline, generating an underground buzz that just wouldn’t quit. Now, with the official signing of a distribution deal with Capitol Records, the EP is being reissued through the label to give even more listeners a chance to catch Luscious Jackson’s seriously tasty vibes. Try a bite now — and keep an eye out for a full album about to be recorded in NYC for a tentative spring 1994 release.

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