Luscious Jackson – Naked Eye

Luscious Jackson – Naked Eye by Ben Willmott
April 5, 1997

NO-ONE’S REALLY noticed, but New Yorkers Luscious Jackson have slowly been moulding themselves into perfect pop sculptures too – something they’re quite capable of doing without the sound, but ultimately meddling, hands of remixers Tricky and Propellerheads (they of ‘Take California’ fame).

Thus, the original of ‘Naked Eye’ remains the pride and joy of this 12″, shuffling seductively along and offering sloppy snogs and heartwarming harmonies aplenty along the way. Probably sweeter and less offensive than any other record in the singles pile this week, but still the kind of tune you’d like to fold up, put in your wallet and keep close to you at all times.

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