Natural Ingredients Review

Natural Ingredients Review by Andrea
September 1994

One problem I have with reviewing records is how long it takes to get used to them. But I shoved this baby into my Walkman and was bopping down the street like a crazy person in no time. Every single song has a funky beat, slow cool raps and amazing lyrics. I love how the Jacksons understand us girls, and aren’t too cool to write about the L-word. You know when a boy is making you feel like doody? So do they (“Deep Shag”). Or when someone’s being a big ol’ leech? They know that deal too (“Energy Sucker”). I especially love these girls’ intolerance of wussy guys (“Strongman”): “When a man can take a stand and wash his hands of his scams-I will call him supersolid/It takes a strong man to stand by a strong woman, yes it does.” You said it, sister.

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