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Kostars Interview Spin Online @ America Online
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SPINaps: Hey Vivian’s here now…..
SPINaps: Start sending in your questions for Kostar Vivian (of Luscious Jackson).

OnlineHost: Kostars members Jill Cunniff and Vivian Trimble are best known as the bassist/singer and keyboard player of Luscious Jackson. Their Kostars project started during a headlining tour last May. While waiting to play a show in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, they headed into the woods with two acoustic guitars, and the rest is herstory. By the end of the tour they had written an album’s worth of songs inspired by such greats as Bobbie Gentry, Astrud Gilberto, Nancy Sinatra and Joni Mitchell.

OnlineHost: The Kostars record was recorded and mixed in 25 days at the Meat and Potatoes Studio, a 16-track home studio put together in the Luscious Jackson rehearsal room. Much of the accompaniment was written on the spot as an experiment in spontaneous human combustion. The drums were played by Luscious Jackson member Kate Schellenbach, and Gabby from LJ also came and lent a guitar lead. Other friends, including the boys from Ween stopped by to contribute their musical talent.

OnlineHost: Word has it, Luscious Jackson is going to be touring with R.E.M. later this year. What do you think about that? We’ll shut up now so that you can ask your questions….

SPINaps: So start axing…..

SPINaps: An easy one…

BassGddes: What’s your drink of choice?

LushusJksn: Well I’m a pepper.

BassGddes: Have you ever been out drinking with Kim Deal or Bob Pollard?

LushusJksn: Yes. Kim and I have slugged a few back together but I’m a lightweight, always the first to go home.

SPINaps: We’re here with Vivian of Kostars (and Luscious Jackson). Axe her questions, and she’ll type.

BassGddes: What is your favorite ELO song?

LushusJksn: “Evil Woman.” We heard it in a bar while on tour with REM and actually played it with Mr. Stipe doing lead vocals at Madison Square Garden — gets me all choked up just thinking about it.

BassGddes: Why did you like the Fuzzy Land show so much? I was there and I couldn’t see anything due to the low stage. It did sound great though.

LushusJksn: Well, I couldn’t see you either or move around much, but I think that’s why we had such a good time, being on top of each other and you (the audience) on top of us — all very cozy. The evening started out kind of badly — there were some old regulars who didn’t take well to all the action.

MONTI7: Do you REALLY like Alicia Silverstone?

LushusJksn: I REALLY don’t know her well enough to say.

Spectrum3: HELLO. I have not heard of your band. I may have heard you in the background somewhere, oh well, I DUNNO. Is there a topic here besides a bunch of kids groveling because you’re famous?

LushusJksn: Why don’t you offer us an exciting topic over which to chat?

SPINaps: Typing at you from NYC, Vivian of Luscious Jackson. Together with Jill, the two are KOSTARS.

MONTI7: Where’s Gabby??

LushusJksn: Gabby’s at Kate’s house right now, close by — we’re never too far away from each other.

MONTI7: Are you guys named after the basketball player Luscious Jackson?

LushusJksn: YES! There are 2 of them — one from the 60’s who played for the Philly 76ers (that’s who we’re named after) and now a new LJ who just graduated from Syracuse University.

SPINaps: Vivian, what’s up with this new Kostar project? Is it gonna break up the band?

LushusJksn: No no, it’s gonna cement the band like glue. It’s a side project; every band’s gotta have a few of those.

MONTI7: When will the next Luscious CD be out?

LushusJksn: Good question, we’re trying to figure that out right now — but we’ve started working on it and results should be seen between May and August.

BassGddes: Which of Charlie’s Angels was your favorite, and what was your favorite episode?

LushusJksn: Kate Jackson of course. My favorite was when 3 male Angel counterparts came on, and Barbara Stanwyck was their Charlie — they kept on getting locked into closets and had to be let out by those clever gals.

SPINaps: We’re here with Vivian of Luscious Jackson and Kostars. Kostars is her new side project with Jill.

Stigboy: Is it true Vivian was a dancer before LJ, and if it is true, what strip clubs did she dance at?

LushusJksn: Darlin’, there’s more to dance than strip clubs, and I was into the highest forms of ART. Yes, I was a dancer and still rhumba once in awhile.

BassGddes: Have you found Manny yet?

LushusJksn: No, we think he moved to Cuba maybe.

SPINaps: OK, Stigboy asked Vivian that question about strip clubs…Stigboy, do you have anything to say while you’re onstage? The masses await….

Stigboy: Is it true that you are in a yoga cult, Jill? I heard you are going to give all you proceeds to Baba O’Reilly.

LushusJksn: Jill’s not here yet, but let me point out that yoga and cults don’t mix. Yoga is cool, and cults aren’t.

SPINaps: OK, Stigboy, one more question.

Stigboy: Viv, is it true you like the young guys?

LushusJksn: Where do you get your information, and are your initials CJ by any chance?

Stigboy: Viv, think about my online handle it is a clue for you.

LushusJksn: Thanks for the clue Gary, I shoulda known…

SPINaps: OK, Stig, back into the audience you go……

CaptainQ1: If you had to buy new threads instead of thrifts store stuff, where would you shop?

Yrgrrrl: I have a zine called Mulieris, and I interview girl bands/writers etc. I was wondering if Luscious Jackson would be willing to interview. If so, you can e-mail me at yrgrrrl@aol.com. Pleeze pleeze write!! I love yr music and all that yr doing.

LushusJksn: We don’t have e-mail, this is a special occasion, but we could do it regular mail or on the phone – call Shelby at 212-343-2314, and we’ll make some plans.

SPINaps: We’re here in NYC with Vivian of Luscious Jackson. Lately, she and Jill have been called Kostars…

BassGddes: Would you consider covering “Les Freak” by Chic? It would be tres cool.

LushusJksn: You know, I was thinking that very same thing just last week, and I think we WILL DO IT. While we’re here, I’d like to get some more ideas for covers — c’mon let’s hear it.

SPINaps: Send you ideas for covers by clicking the COMMENT button. The best cover suggestion will win a SPIN t-shirt, ooh ahh, So click the COMMENT button.

GLamorte: What good music have you been listening to lately?

LushusJksn: Astrud Gilberto, Quincy Jones, PJ Harvey, Ladies Who Lunch, Pavement, Gabor Szabo, Nancy Sinatra, Red Snapper…

SPINaps: Vivian wants more ideas for cool covers that you would like to hear Luscious Jackson play Click COMMENT and send your ideas nowoowoowoowowowo.

BassGddes: “Turn to Stone” or “Livin’ Thing” -definitely!

Mekare140: I saw yous in Chicago with REM and thought you guys were great! I liked all the lamps and stuff.

LushusJksn: We aim to please and an attractive stage makes an attractive show – which Chicago show? There were 3.

GLamorte: Shouldn’t all New Yorkers be at the US Open?

LushusJksn: Speaking of the US Open – Kate plays basketball every weekend with a bunch of people, and last weekend Martina Navratilova stopped by cause she heard about the regular game (this is all true, I swear!) So she said that if she didn’t make it to the US Open finals, she would come and play ball with the girls – Kate and friends almost shit their pants. So we’re all hoping Martina doesn’t do TOO well at tennis this week.

SPINaps: Hey, send Vivian ideas for songs that Luscious could do covers of. You’ll win a t-shirt for the best suggestion.

MONTI7: Totally Hot – Olivia Newton John.

GLamorte: Cover the Rocky theme.

Linus11: I suggest doing some Thelonius Monk covers.

LushusJksn: Thelonius Monk! Great idea but a hefty challenge.

LeBohemia: Cover Take it Home…a Crusaders thing that BB King covered.

LushusJksn : LaBohemia, I’ll have to go home and listen to that one — can’t place it right now.

HookUps95: Luscious Jackson- were you influenced by the Beastie Boys?

CaptainQ1: How about a funked out version of “Paradise by the Dashboard Lights!”

JayarSee: IF I CAN’T HAVE YOU by Yvonne Elliman.

Tealchees: Dude! You gotta cover that 80’s song ‘Mickey.’

LushusJksn: Dudes! Your recommendations are better than we could ever have asked for.

Cubcpa: Hey Luscious Jackson I heard you might be getting together with Hole. Is that true?

LushusJksn: Ah, the obligatory Courtney Love/Hole question…I plead the 5th.

JemeRoneR: Youse should cover -I Like the Girls -by Fatback Band.

MONTI7: Rock the Boat – disco gold!!!

LushusJksn: Yes! Disco lovers unite! We’re writing all this down. Thanks GLaMorte.

GLamorte : Saw your show here in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl……You gals rocked. We miss you.

GLamorte: The Night Chicago Died…Paper Lace.

SPINaps: Send your ideas for songs that Luscious should cover. Best idea wins a SPIN t-shirt. Click SEND COMMENT.

Smile790: Hello, I’m excited to meet you.

WMWiseman: I haven’t had the opportunity yet to see you perform live. Is it something you enjoy, or is touring extremely tiring?

LushusJksn: Touring is a blast and a pain in the ass all rolled into one, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

CalChaps: Cover Parliament’s “Flashlight”!

MrAroma: Take a walk on the wild side, Luscious.

LushusJksn: MrAroma, that’s a good tag.

CaptainQ1: Theme to Mary Tyler Moore. I know it’s been done, but not your way.

LushusJksn: Yes, our version would be a slight departure from Husker Du’s.

CaptainQ1: What’s the tattoo count for the group?

LushusJksn: Kate has a homemade tattoo on her…(ankle, I think).

GLamorte: Billy Don’t Be a Hero.

JayarSee: Play The Love You Save by the Jackson 5 (like you never thought of it).

JemeRoneR: “Never My Love” by Astrud is pretty dope.

LushusJksn: Anything by Astrud is pretty dope.

CaptainQ1: I think you should cover the Dead Boys’ “I Need Lunch.”

SPBumholi: What was the inspiration for the name “In Search Of Manny?”

LushusJksn: Manny was Gab’s mom’s boyfriend a long time ago – a really cool guy with a great record collection.

GLamorte: Could you re-do Natalie Merchant’s new record…it needs help.

SPINaps: Send in your ideas for Luscious Jackson cover songs. Best suggestion wins a SPIN t-shirt.

KatieDid4: Do you guys like playing in large venues or small clubs more? I’ve seen you at the Trocadero in Philly and Polaris in Columbus. I like the small club better. Do you?

LushusJksn: Definitely the small club — plus we’ve had some great times and started some serious LJ traditions there. Large stadiums lack ambiance somehow…

Yrgrrrl: I AM WOMAN (Helen Reddy)

S grrrl: I saw the show in New Orleans. It was great, too bad Team Dresch canceled, would’ve loved to see ya’ll all dancing together!!!

LushusJksn: Yeah, we were disappointed.

MONTI7: I was holding out because my band would love to do it but here goes – XANADU!!!

LushusJksn: XANADU! Jill says too late, cat’s out of the bag — you gotta share your genius with the world.

SPINaps: Send in your ideas for songs Luscious (or Kostars) should cover, and you’ll win a SPIN t-shirt. Maybe.

GRANDROYA: I think you guys should cover a Milli Vanilli tune.

LushusJksn: We think Milli Vanilli should cover a Luscious Jackson tune and make us rich.

Andrea255: When are you touring the West Coast?

LushusJksn: West Coast with REM in November (speaking of large stadiums…).

CaptainQ1: Do “I Think I Love You” – Partridge Family

Mekare140: How about “Rock Lobster” by B-52’s?

GLamorte: I predict you’ll be hanging with Martina…I’ve seen her play all week.

Bowlamite: Cover the Violent Femmes “Blister in the Sun.”

LushusJksn: I’ve missed her and all the tennis – is she having a rough time?

GRANDROYAL: How about “Jenny” (867-5309)?

LushusJksn : How did you know? We have all of Tommy Tutone’s records.

SPINaps: So Jill’s here now, but we’ve got to get out of here soon. Anyone have any last words or anything. Jill and Vivian will now pick a winner of the “Who Picked the Best Cover Song” sweepstakes. They’re typing out some last messages right now, so hang on one sec…..

LushusJksn : OK, we’re gonna try to pick a winner, but it’s tough. Xanadu’s still right up there along with Jenny 867-5309. Let’s have 2 winners.

SPINaps: CONGRATULATIONS. THE TWO SUGGESTORS (is that a word?) who chose those two songs have won SPIN t-shirts. We’ll find your email addresses tomorrow in the transcript and send you some shirts.

SPINaps: Jill, Vivian, thanks. Everyone in here. Thanks.

SPINaps: …. and that’s it….

SPINaps: Peaceout.

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