A Few Brief Moments With Jill From Luscious Jackson

A Few Brief Moments With Jill From Luscious Jackson by Chaz Molins
August 1993

Questions by CHAZ MOLINS. Answers by Jill. Guess what? Swill & Jill rhyme. Pretty cool, eh? Maybe she’s on our tip. Maybe we’re on hers.

SWILL: Are you on some kind of new tip of indie bands rappin’ and samplin’?

JILL: We’re on an old flaccid tip.

SWILL: How’dja hook up with Mike D?

JILL: We grew up together in the NY punk scene.

SWILL: Where do you get your samples?

JILL: From our collection of soft hits.

SWILL: What’s your future with Grand Royal?

JILL: If Max is in the house, so are we.

SWILL: How does it feel to be a guinea pig for a new label?

JILL: We love our spacious habitrail and we have plenty of room for creative tunnel expansion.

SWILL: What are some of you favorite records?

JILL: Bob Marley “Catch a Fire”, John Coltrane “Giant Steps”, De La Soul “Three Feet High and Rising”, assorted Rolling Stones, Joni Mitchell “For the Roses”.

SWILL: How do you describe your sound?

JILL: Softcore

SWILL: How about your live shows?

JILL: Hardcore softcore.

SWILL: Any video plans?

JILL: Right now there’s a bootleg black-market video for Life of Leisure available in the Eastern block countries.

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