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Luscious Jackson: What’s up? Or, as she would type ‘wassup?

MU330_PieTaster : When is a new Luscious Jackson album going to be coming out?

Luscious Jackson: Before the year 2000

Chiropracticusa : who are you favorite performers today Luscious Jackson: Peggy Lee, The Judds, and Rufus and Chaka Khan

IndiaRubber : Hi Kate. What’s it like working with Radiohead?

Luscious Jackson: Wow. I didn’t know I was working with Radiohead. I sat behind them on the stage when I was working for myself. It was very enjoyable.

RedHotChiliPeppers1 : Do you feel RFK has a better vibe today or a year ago at WHFS?

Luscious Jackson: I don’t want to diss Milarepa, cause they have fine decorating skills. But HFS decorated the backstage so plushly, That even though I had a 102 degree fever, I was at ease with the world.

Mbran : What age did you start drumming ?

Luscious Jackson: 14.


Luscious Jackson: We’re going to be doing a four week tour of Tulum.

Abkrh9898 : What’s it been like since the departure of one of your members?

Luscious Jackson: We played our first show without Vivian on Friday. And now we’re all early risers. But I miss her. I miss her terribly *sob.* We have a new guy named Singh Birdsong.

Tornado_guy_99 : Where did the mane Luscious Jackson come from?

Luscious Jackson: O Diane.

Lillaniee : Kate you have a favorite female artist out now?

Luscious Jackson: Chaka Khan’s still out now!!! Dolly Parton.

Abkrh9898 : What’s it like playing the Lilith tour?

Luscious Jackson: It’s awesome. Very good vibe, very musical. And it’s like being at summer camp when all the counselors like you, And you’re the counselor’s pet. The counselor being Sarah McLauchlan and the Indigo Girls.

Josie_16 : Do you think this concert turned out the way it’s supposed to be??

Luscious Jackson: Besides the weather yesterday, Yes. And luckily a lot of the artists who missed playing yesterday will have a chance to play today.

Abkrh9898 : I saw you gals on Letterman. Looked like an allstarfemme jam. What was that like?

Luscious Jackson: It was an allstarfemmejelly.

SocialButterfly33 : How did you guys meet?

Luscious Jackson: We all met in NY going to see bands as teenagers. Although Jill and I were in pre-school together. We were in eurythmic dance class together.

_hayden_ : Have you been out in the crowd watching the show at all?

Luscious Jackson: No, I’ve been doing interviews and photo shoots. But I watched Buffalo Daughter and Radiohead.

Mbran : Do you all enjoy traveling together?

Luscious Jackson: When we can find good food and a basketball court, all is well.

Denlof : How much do you really think this concert will help the Tibetans?

Luscious Jackson: Certainly, it will help raise awareness and send a message to the Clinton administration as to how many people are behind the Free Tibet movement.

Grimmissis : Have you noticed any politicians backstage or in front?

Luscious Jackson: Just Perry Farrell

Nosajklap : Do you think Clinton will eventually take a stand on this issue?

Luscious Jackson: I think he’ll be forced to, hopefully tomorrow, as there will be a rally At his house.

Mage626 : What are your future plans for the band, and the Tibetan concert?

Luscious Jackson: The band is currently recording a new record And I don’t know what the Tibetan concert future is.

Evil_goat : Since the ’98 show is to be the final installment of the Freedom concerts, what will you do in the future to raise awareness to the cause?

Luscious Jackson: I guess we’ll do what we can when asked.

Mbran : have you ever been to Tibet and seen the atrocities for yourself?

Luscious Jackson: No I haven’t. I’ve only read about them, and seen the movie “Free Tibet,” which shows the atrocities and explains them A really good movie, I recommend it. Two thumbs.

JackieMMB : Has Clinton done ANYTHING to help Tibet?

Luscious Jackson: He appointed a Tibetan coordinator.

Mbran : Why are you guys so worried about Tibet, when there are plenty of people suffering in this country as we speak?

Luscious Jackson: I’m worried about the people in this country too. One issue at a time, please.

Noah44 : What is your stance on the boycott?

Luscious Jackson: Because the Tibet movement is a nonviolent movement, the best way to make an impact is through financial pressure.

Seikrah1 : What does naked eye mean?

Luscious Jackson: It’s about stripping away all falsehoods and seeing truth.

Aims420 : Will any of you guys be at the rally tomorrow?

Luscious Jackson: I believe so. Yea!


Luscious Jackson: Well, if anything, it’s brought more attention to the event. And hopefully, when you get past the tragedy, you’ll hear the message.

Lillaniee : Kate do you think people really come to the concert because of the cause or to listen to bands like yourself?

Luscious Jackson: It’s probably mixed between the two, it doesn’t really matter.

MU330_PieTaster : How would you describe your time as the drummer for the Beastie Boys back in the day?

Luscious Jackson: Lots and lots of laughing. And general silliness.

Rockapaluza98 : Question for Luscious Jackson Drummer, Have you girls Shared the stage with any Mexican rock artist?

Luscious Jackson: Our management manages Los Lobos, but we haven’t played with them.

Seikrah1 : Kate, who were your biggest influences when you were growing up? Music wise..?

Luscious Jackson: The Slits, Blondie, and all the rockin’ ladies.

Lillaniee : Will your band ever do any musical duo with another band if so who would it be?

Luscious Jackson: We talk about it all the time and we’re workin’ on sumthin’. We did do “Evil Woman” with Michael Stipe in concert once. The ELO song.

Abkrh9898 : What do you think about Clinton’s visit to China?

Luscious Jackson: I don’t feel as if I know enough about it.

Adid24 : My question to L.J. is: Do members within the band really believe in the liberation of Tibet, and how strong is that belief?

Luscious Jackson: We do believe strongly.

V_femme_ : I’m a self-styled drummer myself ,but I was wondering how you learn how to play the drums?

Luscious Jackson: Playing along with my favorite records.

Seikrah1 : Do you think that girl bands have gained more respect over the years?

Luscious Jackson: Yes, and hopefully, they won’t be referred to as “girl bands” next year.

Fili79 : You have toured with Live, are you friends with them?

Luscious Jackson: We toured for ten weeks with them last year. And we’re friendly with them and their wives And their new Chiwwawa. Whose name is Lucy.

Kryon_24 : People can come for the music but walk away with the message right?

Luscious Jackson: I agree. To-tally.

KillTommyLee : Kate- What is the band you would most like to tour with?

Luscious Jackson: Komeda from Sweden.

Kith_girl : Obviously music is an important medium to spread information and awareness. How should us people that cant make music do the same thing?

Luscious Jackson: Everyone individually has to get to that point in their life if they want to put energy into political causes Or not, it’s your own journey.

Aenimababy : Can my local politicians do anything?

Luscious Jackson: Writing to your local politicians, certainly someone you listen to and have faith in. Can’t hurt.

Luscious Jackson: Enjoy your day. Enjoy the music. And find out more about the message if you want.

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