Lots of news for you all…Firstly, LJ taped an appearance on Clueless the tv show in early September, no air date is set yet, although I’ve heard around mid October. In the episode LJ play at the House Of Blues in LA, are introduced by Anson Williams (Potsie from Happy Days), and the ladies play Naked Eye and Why Do I Lie and Under Your Skin plays under one of the scenes. Clueless airs Tuesday nights at 8pm on the UPN network. The LJ episode of Sessions at West 54th airs on November 11th on your local PBS station. I believe it airs at 11pm and the show is an hour, although half an hour of the LJ performance will air (a full hour was recorded) and the other half of th show will feature Fiona Apple (someone who Jill and Viv admire if you’ve caught the Mtv commercials with them). Which leads me to mention that for the past 3+ weeks Mtv has been airing these “Influences” commercials…one features Jill alone, others feature Jill and Viv among many other popular artists. And last but certainly not least, LJ have a new song appearing on the soundtrack to the film A Life Less Ordinary. I don’t know the name of the tune, but I do know that Jill and Tony Mangurian worked on it during their break sometime late spring/early summer. the soundtrack is due out on October 24th.

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