Find Your Mind Bass Tab

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Bass tab for:
Song title: "Find Your Mind"
Artist: Luscious Jackson
Album: "Natural Ingredients"
Done by (and send all corrections to):

Intro and part of first verse (pattern #1) x8


all her cash running
out of green glass
pocketful of money
going down, down, down
wagon's full of honey
and she's gonna get some
everybody knows the
fun is for the brave ones

(pattern #2) x4


every night she leaves
with someone
dirty man playing with 
his kickstand yeah
we can see he's nothing
but she wants him
cause she's empty
and he's got a pretty face
and big hands to play with

(pattern #1) x4
you've got to find your...

(pattern #2) x2

(pattern #1) x5
you've got to find your mind

(pattern #3) x8


said to get down
on her knees
he's gotta get what he needs
she's got a frayed
mess of a dress
the kind that is about
wearing you out
she comes from people
with ready minds
cigarette child of
the times
her body is
more than her years
she hears a lunatic
in her ears
funny how it always is
when your mind
is in the way of his
in what he wants
he will succeed
without a fight
she will concede
and we know she
can't fix her soul
by filling up
empty holes

(pattern #1) x4
you've got to find your...

(pattern #2) x4

(pattern #1) x4
you've got to find your...

(pattern #2) x4

(no bass)
i'm the girl
in your head
with no innocence
i'm your friendly
neighborhood psychopath
i'm the fear that
makes you try anything
i'm the one you don't
know you're running from
i'm the cold reminder
of defeat
i'll be there the next time
you get in heat
i'll be there when you
wake up next week
i'll be there when you 
freak the next freak

(pattern #1) x4
you've got to find your...

(pattern #2) x4

(no bass)
you've got to find your mind

(pattern #2) x3

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