Water Your Garden Lyrics

Water Your Garden

Tired of the rain my love
I’m tired of the waiting
If you watch the sky
With your eyes
You’ll see the line i walk
I’m not afraid
That’s what I say
Here and now
Can you be brave enough
To risk it all
No matter what?

Who’ll water your garden when
You descend
Flowers can never grow
In the snow

We all want a crowd
By our side
Yelling loud
Telling us
We should be proud
Of what we done
But it takes guts
To give it up
One on one
And if you run
When you are young
When you are old
You’ll remember when
You had the chance
To have it all

Satsang gattve nissan gattvam nissan
Gattve nirmo hattvam nirmo hattve niscala
Tattvam niscala tattve jivan mukti

©1996-2013 The Luscious Jackson Source

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