Daughters Of The Kaos Lyrics

Daughters Of The Kaos

No no no the kaos never lets you go
Daughters of the kaos
In the house of god
Love you with my six guns
Then I move along
Like a gangster keeping the family strong
With the mission of kaotic song
Of the kaos
Semi-automatic sisters
I might be strong
But don’t call me mister
Playing with the status quo of the soul
Enjoy Babylon
No no no the kaos never lets you go
I don’t act too cool
‘Cause I’m not that weak
Accept respect for the havoc I wreak
My evil is good, this I believe
Daughters of the kaos making history
Always give shelter to man in need
In the face of kaos I give up my greed
Insane and unknown is my only creed
Enjoy, destroy, then set you free
No no no no no no no no no the kaos never lets you go
Never leave a child alone in a world like this
He’ll play with bombs that always miss
He’ll make a girl pick up a gun
So she can show him how it’s done
Angela’s angels forever on the run
Walking in the rays of the beautiful sun
Give it to ya one time
Give it to ya two times
Give it to ya three times
??? Kaos
You lose yourself
Then forgive us
You probably never
Gonna get out
No no no the kaos never lets you go

©1996-2013 The Luscious Jackson Source

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