Playing Hooky With Gabby Contest

“Playing Hooky With Gabby” Contest. Want to hang out with Gabby Glaser? Well, then be the 300th person to purchase 2 specially priced digital singles from Latchkey Recordings– “Fruit is Sweet” & “Darling” (2 for the price of one – ONLY $1.50!!) from Gabby Glaser’s upcoming album Gimme Splash. If you are the 300th person to buy – here’s what you win: Meet up with Gabby down on the Lower East Side, NYC and take a nostalgic tour of her old stomping grounds. You’ll get a little cash and go used record shopping with Gabby at Gimme Gimme Records. Then, head over to Gabby’s favorite pizza spot for lunch, and there’s one more surprise!

You must live in the NYC area or be planning to come to NYC in order to claim the prize.

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