Session at West 54th, Viva Variety, Ladies Who Lunch

Sorry again that it’s been a while, but I’ve been busy, firstly Luscious will be on Sessions at West 54th airing on your local PBS station this friday and or saturday night. On Friday the 14th they taped an episode of the great comedy central sketch comedy show, viva variety, the earliest airdate will be december 9th, but i’ll keep ya posted with more info as I know it. I was luckily enough to be at that taping as well as their two recent new jersey shows so hopefully I will have a load of pictures within the next couple weeks. BE SURE TO CHECK TOUR DATES IF YOU LIVE IN THE WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA AREA OR PLAN TO BE THERE DECEMBER 16! Call your local radio station and request Why Do I Lie, soon I’ll have a list of phone numbers for you all. Jill and Kate recently interviewed Ari Up for an upcoming issue of Nice Duds, so that should be rather cool. The Ladies Who Lunch 7″ should be out next month, if all goes well.

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