She Be Wantin’ It More Bass Tab

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Bass tab for:
Song title: "She Be Wantin' It More"
Artist: Luscious Jackson
Album: "In Search of Manny"
Done by

Repeat this pattern throughout the whole song:
(there may be a slight variation of this around the "hustler knows" bit, where you go D-4 D-2 D-4 D-2 instead)


it's a fine line buying time
corruption on the borderline
disintegrating, i'm feeling fine
i hold your weakness inside mine
i see the backyard you walk in
i see the graveyard you're stalkin'
selling yourself on the blackmarket of the crooked earth for what it's worth
solid feet on the ground 
i see your bones lying around through the thickest skin you got
cause only a hustler knows a hustler
and only a hustler knows
she be wantin' it more
wanting it more (7X) 
when you think alone
you gotta throw some stones
my crow's feet they told me a poem
unwhole and unholy 
i won't be a sucker for your broken spines
it comes and goes in this stolen home
i won't even show you where it goes 
it roams on roads way down below
only a roll will save my soul (4X) 
she be wantin it more
wanting it more (13X)

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