Stardust Lyrics


One day I was telling you
All about coming from dust
Cashed it I to buy a few locks I knew wouldn’t rust
If I lock you up
Will the edges fade
Will you understand
How simple I am
I can walk for many miles
Thinking that I’ll never comprehend I can’t argue worth a damn
‘Cause I know my questions never end

If I walk away
Will the phrases play
Or will they all become one
Under the sun

And when the pleasure is done
Why don’t I want to know it all
And when the measuring’s done
Somehow I already know it all

Answers never satisfy
I wear them out as soon as they come
I lie in between the sides
I’m happy when the fighting is done
So I’ll read the news
And I’ll get the blues
And I’ll make it matter
For a minute or two

©1996-2013 The Luscious Jackson Source

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